Day 1 – Be like Julia!

Day 1. 13 kms

Well, I finally got away on Saturday the 22nd as planned. I had flown to whangarei and stayed with my sister and brother in law for a couple of days and my sister agreed to be my first trail Angel. 

A trail Angel is someone who helps out the hiker with food or drink or a bed or a shower or any other act of kindness. Julia drove me the  three and a half hours to the Cape.

This is Julia, Julia is awesome, be like Julia!

Took the obligatory start shot 

And then I was on my way. First day was a short walk down to the beach and out to the headland. 

Take a left and another hours walk to my first camp at Twilight camp. 

Set up my tent in a howling gale thankful of the practice I had done. Cooked myself some dinner and then watched the sun go down. 

You would think that would finish off a great day, but I woke at 0230 to a rustling noise. The wind was blowing still so I thought it was just that,until it stopped but the rustling continued in my food bag. I grabbed my light and saw a hole knawed in the bottom. A bloody rat had eaten my lunch!!!

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